Breastfeeding Help

B&WbreastfeedingWelcoming a new baby into your life is an extraordinary, rewarding experience but it can also be intense and exhausting, even when everything is unfolding smoothly. For some mothers breastfeeding may be difficult and these challenges can lead to physical pain, emotional distress, or slow weight gain in the baby.  When breastfeeding hurts, the postpartum experience can be downright miserable. Nobody deserves to endure discomfort while feeding their baby. I’m here to help.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) working in private practice. I come to you, so there’s no need for you and your baby to leave the privacy and comfort of your home.

What is an IBCLC?

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is an allied healthcare professional who, having met eligibility requirements and successfully completing a rigorous examination, possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to provide quality breastfeeding support to mothers and babies. An IBCLC must re-certify every 5 years and may work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, health clinics, birthing centres, or in private practice. For more information about the IBCLC credential, visit the IBLCE website or the website for the Association Québécoise des Consultantes en Lactation Diplômées de l’IBLCE (AQC).


“I was unable to breastfeed without extreme nipple pain until Rowan observed that our baby had a posterior tongue tie and guided us through the steps toward having it resolved with a frenotomy. Even the doctors at the hospital where we delivered did not detect the tongue tie. She was supportive, patient, and thorough with all of her recommendations and advice, without ever being too hardline, and she always answered emails and phone calls more promptly than I could have hoped, addressing every concern. She helped us through oversupply and letdown issues, vasospasm, and blocked ducts, in addition to the tongue tie. After the frenotomy, I was nursing without pain within two weeks. Rowan was an amazing resource for us and a voice of reason during a famously hectic time. I have her to thank for the wonderful breastfeeding relationship that my baby and I developed and still maintain, two years later.” – Jenny S.

“Manue and I (and Félixe!) felt really at ease with you, and we really loved your calm and practical approach. I’m super happy to say that things have improved immensely. Thanks again for everything, Rowan, you’ve been a life saver.” – Kirsten C.

“I cannot say how thankful I am to have had Rowan come to my home when my baby was 2 weeks old. I had been told various things, from I was not physically able to produce enough milk to meet my baby’s needs, to feed on a three hour schedule. I felt lost and didn’t know what to believe. Rowan was able to educate me about baby’s breastfeeding needs, and explained how to help increase my milk supply. She also had the knowledge to detect a posterior tongue tie and put me on the right track to get help to address that. I can honestly say that without her kind approach and encouragement I am not sure I would have had the guts to keep breastfeeding. She was also very understanding of my feelings when I couldn’t relate to other mothers that breastfed. I am forever grateful for her help when I needed it most.” – Katie R.

“I had a postpartum complication 5 days after giving birth and was readmitted to hospital. At that time, it looked like I would need surgery and not be able to breastfeed for 24-48 hours. I was very concerned about how this would impact the breastfeeding relationship that was just getting established with my baby. I contacted Rowan and she replied promptly with many practical and helpful strategies for maintaining my milk supply and minimizing the time away from my baby. I am so grateful for Rowan’s advice and for her way of putting my mind at ease. Thanks Rowan!” – Julia B.

Dear Rowan, Thank you so much for your invaluable guidance in the first steps of breastfeeding my daughter. As a new mother facing extreme difficulties with this important task your help was literally life saving. I particularly appreciated your professional approach. When we first met I was near desperation, you respected my feelings yet managed to show me a light at the end of the tunnel. You gave me substantial professional guidance as well as emotional reassurance. Seeing you was a pivotal step in my way to successful breastfeeding (which I proudly did for two years!). Thank you so much!” – Inbal