Doula Care

Whether you are embarking on the journey of pregnancy and parenting for the first time or you have some experience behind you, the anticipation of childbirth and caring for a newborn can feel daunting. My role as a doula is to provide practical and emotional support to couples throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. By answering questions and respecting a couple’s decisions, I aim to provide the framework for a positive, empowering experience.

When the big day arrives, I maintain a calming presence as I accompany the birthing woman and her partner throughout their experience, offering emotional and physical support while also respecting the unique and sacred role that a mother’s partner provides. Childbirth is new territory for both parents, and partners are generally grateful to have the reassurance, support, and experience that a doula brings.

By providing prenatal and postpartum support, including breastfeeding counselling, I offer continuity of care – something every family deserves.


“Having Rowan as our doula was undoubtedly the best decision that we could have made as a couple during our pregnancy. Her knowledge and advice on pregnancy, the birthing process, post-birth and breastfeeding has been definitely the most valuable aspect in our experience. Perhaps her greatest quality is her ability to listen to the parents` wants and needs and help them make decisions that is best for them without judgment.  It felt reassuring to have a knowledgeable and positive voice at the end of the line to answer questions leading up to the pregnancy, especially for first time parents. During the labour, we do not know what we would have done without her. She provided comfort and support for me while allowing my husband to truly focus on helping me through the hardest points. She provided encouragement in a non-invasive way and simply made us both feel more confident in ourselves and as parents. She helped start breastfeeding off on a positive note immediately after the birth and remained our rock in the days after we arrived home; answering texts about a million different things. Her post-visits particularly helped me try new breastfeeding positions and become more comfortable trying new techniques. Our transition into parenthood would not have been the same or nearly as successful without Rowan and we are grateful for all she has done for us.” – Charlene Marion, Steve Cassivi and baby Marlee 

“We cannot recommend Rowan highly enough. She made our birthing process a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience through her gentle approach and practical knowledge. She offers a host of options that give you a balanced and well informed understanding of the choices you have to make and most importantly, reminds you that the choice is yours. She is reliable, thorough, and resourceful and goes well beyond any expectations. Thanks Rowan. You supported us through both an amazing and stressful journey.” – Vicki, Ari-Matti and baby Charlie

“Our third birth story, that brought us our beautiful boy Shepherd, will forever be one of my most empowering and beautiful memories. Our labour was longer and harder than I could have ever imagined, but thanks to our amazing doula, I felt nothing but love and joy throughout our experience. I was heard, supported and loved at every transition. Shane was able to be totally invested in my care as he knew Rowan was able to be my voice. Even through an unplanned transfer to the hospital I never lost the beauty of the experience. Shane and I are so thankful for her continued gracious support and kindness during such an important time.” – Charity K.

“When we found out we were expecting our first baby, we felt unprepared to meet the challenge of bringing a baby into the world and caring for it. We were so happy to find a Doula in the Eastern Townships that spoke English, and when we met Rowan we knew she would be a good match for us.  Before the birth of our baby, we learned a great deal from Rowan about pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for a newborn. She has a wealth of knowledge about babies based on ample research (not just personal opinion), which we very much appreciated. She was always patient in answering our questions.  When planning for our birth, Rowan demonstrated a great deal of respect for our choices. She provided us with information on the advantages of giving birth as naturally as possible, but never made us feel as through there was only one “right” way to have a baby. We never felt judged or pressured.  Rowan has a very calm, patient, and kind disposition, which was very appreciated during labour. She was there to support my partner and myself and it was so nice to have a familiar voice in the room as we welcomed our son. She helped with our first feeding and stayed with us and the baby until we all felt comfortable. After returning home from the hospital, Rowan welcomed our calls and emails full of questions and visited to check up on our family and help with breastfeeding. We really felt supported from start to finish!” – Christina B.

“Rowan was present at the homebirth of my 3rd child. Her presence was very calming & sweet. At all times I felt comfortable having her around and afterwards she was always available & knowledgeable to answer my questions about breastfeeding. Rowan is a great resource!”  – Magda A.