Prenatal Classes

Subsidized Prenatal Course in Collaboration with the Lennoxville & District Women’s Centre

Mother Nurtured is pleased to offer a 6 week evening course in collaboration with the Lennoxville & District Women’s Centre (LDWC). This is the only subsidized prenatal course offered in English in the Eastern Townships. For more information please contact the LDWC at 819-564-6626.

Topics covered include…

  • exploring common fears & concerns
  • expectations
  • couple communication
  • planning for childbirth
  • how the body works in labour
  • strategies for birth partners
  • when to go to the hospital/birthing centre
  • common interventions
  • breastfeeding
  • making sense of newborn behaviour
  • sleep safety
  • postpartum care
  • babywearing
  • hospital visit


“I liked the vibe in the classes and structure, very conducive to sharing and asking questions”

“Very informative, real, and honest”

“I loved how open and inviting Rowan was and I really appreciated her knowledge and ability to make us feel comfortable”

“I feel we had the chance to really discuss our fears and wishes”

“This course was very educational and non-biased, I’m really happy I took the course”

“Invaluable source of indispensable information, great vibe and enthusiasm. Our expectations were exceeded”

“Very interesting content, goes through a lot of different things, I learned lots!”

“I loved how open-minded the content was, not anti-drug or anti-doctors”

“Rowan’s teaching style was what both myself and my partner were looking for and didn’t expect. Thank you!”